Fully featured desktop client for Facebook


  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use
  • Includes built-in photo uploader
  • Support for Windows 7 Jump lists


  • Doesn't include all the tools and services on the Facebook website
  • Must be authorized on every request; otherwise it won't work

Very good

If you're hooked on to Facebook but don't want to waste time opening the browser and loading up the website all the time, try Fishbowl instead.

Fishbowl is an eye-catching Facebook client for your desktop that lets you follow the complete news feed line from your friends, groups and favorite pages without even having to open your web browser. All you'll need to do is authorize the app to access your profile – you're in fact obliged to, as the app won't work if you don’t allow all of its requests for authorization.

The program features a clean, well structured design with Facebook colors, though you can customize it with skins. All the different sections in Fishbowl are identified with icons on the top toolbar and correspond to various Facebook tools and services: friends feed, profile, photos, notifications and even a built-in upload tool.

Though it doesn't replace each and every single function you find in the Facebook website, Fishbowl is easy to use and can be really useful for Facebook addicts. You can also use a special mini-version of the interface that lets you keep an eye on Facebook news as they occur. And if you use Windows 7, Fishbowl lets you access the most frequent functions in its special Jump list.

Fishbowl is a sleek attractive desktop client for Facebook that helps you keep up to date with the popular social network in an easier way.




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